Put DCI’s firsthand E-Rate experience to work for you.

DCI has been working with school districts on E-Rate projects since the program was first initiated in the mid-nineties. Our resources can help manage large projects across a multiple vendor environment and ensure the scheduling of pertinent E-Rate forms reviewing all Funding Request Numbers and associated projects, within the guidelines of the Schools and Library Division (SLD) program.

Additionally, DCI will provide an analysis of E-Rate eligible products and maintains a cost schedule to reflect discount rates. All installation records will reflect criteria necessary to report eligible products and services. On an as-needed basis, DCI will also provide milestone reporting at all stages of pre-funding and post-funding tasks to your school district’s Board and management.

DCI Core Offerings include the following:

  • Maintenance
  • PBX, VoIP
  • Telephony
  • Server Components
  • Video
  • Implementation
  • Wireless
  • Server License Installation
  • Cabling
  • Electronics
  • Servers
  • Network Infrastructure

As per SLD rules, DCI will provide your district guidance on eligible and ineligible products and services during the application process (Form 471 and attachments), as well as all necessary contracts and Statements of Work (SOW). In addition, DCI will provide deliverable documentation for all of our company’s awarded projects (asset tracking, test results, warranty activation, etc.) and assist your district with all applicable SLD Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) requests as well as SLD Program Compliance requests (audits).

We are dedicated to providing the best E-Rate resources to K-12

Ninety-five percent of DCI’s sales over the last 19 years have been focused on K-12 public schools in Texas and New Mexico.  Our commitment to education begins with understanding the community and district needs.  This commitment extends to the understanding of how to help the district utilize available funds to gain the largest impact in the classroom.  We understand the reason for integrating technology into classrooms is to improve learning at the point of instruction, and this is the reason that DCI offers technical support contracts, staff development, and end user training to ensure each dollar spent on technology meets the end goal of improving education in the classroom.

We have successfully helped school districts utilize funding from local district budgets and different sources through various State and Federal Grants, E-Rate Funds and Bond Initiatives.  DCI has the financial stability to engage in large, costly projects as well as the expertise to help school districts with billing issues by providing detailed invoices, billing multiple entities, or working with various contractors and subcontractors.

To learn more about our E-Rate options, contact a DCI representative today.