Our customers are our number one priority. You can count on it.

The mission of DCI is to provide solutions in the areas of technology infrastructure and LAN/WAN connectivity. DCI offers a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado. It is our policy to fully incorporate sound customer service principles into the day to day work of all of our DCI employees. To accomplish this, we add measurable customer service standards into annual performance planning and daily operations, with the goal of providing outstanding products and services to our customers. 

In a successful organization, effective customer service extends across the board. That’s why our managers and supervisors are responsible for assuring that their organization promotes excellent customer service and that their departments actively participate in the DCI customer service efforts. Our managers report to the DCI CEO and President on progress made in meeting customer service standards as part of their self-assessment in meeting overall Annual Performance Plan objectives.

We do this in recognition of the pivotal role excellence in customer service plays. DCI believes that excellence in customer service and its resulting customer satisfaction require commitment, which is a critical element of both individual and organizational performance. Excellence in customer service means that an educated and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist our customers in finding the right equipment, service and support in order to reach your technological goals. It also means that our staff will offer services in a fair manner that treats everyone with courtesy and respect.

The DCI approach to customer service means we will….

  • Listen to our customers, be courteous, and treat them with dignity and respect every time we are contacted by them.
  • Deliver high quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Periodically survey our customers to determine the kind and quality of service they need and their levels of satisfaction with existing services.
  • Advise and provide our customers with choices and options regarding the most cost effective, scalable solution as well as the services needed to install and support those solutions. 
  • Work with our customers to elicit information from them in order to improve and provide superior services.
  • Survey our employees for ideas on how we can eliminate barriers to better customer service and make improvements.
  • Provide mechanisms for responding effectively to customer feedback and complaints.